Happy Sunday all. I am so excited that you are reading this post. You have already made my day!!

Many Thanks.

I am very new at this: this is actually my first blog. Please bear with whatever mistakes I make, I intend to keep learning and improving. I want to start from hypertension because of how common it is. Hypertension is actually referred to as the ‘Silent Killer’. This name stems from the fact that it does not warn the sufferer. All other diseases warn; recognized as symptoms. Some common symptoms include fever, pains, cough, swellings, weight loss and others. Hypertension on the other hand never warns but gradually damages the blood vessels and organs. The blood pressure is recorded as two numbers e.g. 120/80. A numerator of 140 or more and or a denominator of 90 or more is regarded as hypertension. Blood pressure check can be carried out in any health centre, clinic or hospital. It is as easy as ABC

Please check your Blood pressure!!

Thank you once again

Have a great week

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