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Hi everybody

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We are discussing ‘ Taking Charge in Hypertension’
Believe me, controlling your blood pressure is within your power. I am a testimony of the fact.
What did I do?
Very very Simple
Salt is about the BIGGEST culprit in Hypertension
The reduction or total removal of salt causes a dramatic reduction in Blood Pressure

My blood pressure was 160/110 in June 2011. All I did was to reduce my salt intake remarkably.
I haven’t swallowed one tablet of Hypertension in 8 years. My blood pressure has remained normaL

My last record on Monday 26th August 2019 was 106/80

My brother finally decided to take salt off his diet two weeks ago after years of having Hypertension. His blood pressure reduced from 161/116 to 122/77 in one week.
Granted, the meal may not be very palatable initially, you gradually adjust to the taste.
Are you ready

Lets continue tomorrow
Have a great day

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  1. Thanks about the hypertension control, I’m going to reduce my salt at all costs, I pray I have the same testimony.


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