Steps to reduction of Salt intake

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We have started our steps to ‘Taking Charge’ in Hypertension
It is wise to totally cut off salt and and food sweetened cubes. However, this is not very practicable because the food becomes bland and tasteless.

The following practical steps will reduce salt by more than 70% with marked reduction in Blood pressure.

Step 1 Avoid all UNNECESSARY salt
This will include sprinkling salt on boiled white rice, yam, beans, plantain, potatoes. Any dish that is eaten with stew, sauce, pepper soup etc does not need added salt. Any amount of salt sprinkled on the dish during preparation is already excess since there is salt in the sauce or stew.For Nigerians, you remember that we do not add salt to garri ( eba), semovita, pounded yam, amala, tuwo etc. It is the same principle.

Step 2 Avoid salt in natural fruits and vegetables
Some of us add salt to fruits like paw paw, pineapple, avocado pear , local pear, coconut, garden egg, cucumber etc. We eat salted groundnuts and boil our maize with salt.This is excess also. Eat these natural fruits and vegetables without salt.

Step 3 Avoid processed foods. Salt is a great preservative. Any food in a packet or tin like noodles, salad creams, margarine, baked beans, canned meat and fish etc already has a lot of salt.Limit the consumption of such foods remarkably

Step 4 Thereafter, reduce the salt and sweetened cubes used in cooking. Do not have salt containers or extra sauces on the dinning table. Do not add further salt after cooking.

Step 5 Cook your own meals as often as possible. This is the best way to have control over your diet.
You just try these steps for one week. It may not be easy but it can be done.
I did it and so can you
Take Charge and have a great weekend!!!

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