More on reduction of salt

Hi everyone
How was your weekend?

Were you able to reduce your salt?
If you could, that’s GREAT!
If you couldn’t, please give it a try.

Actually, I’ve had people contest this principle of reduction of Salt intake.
One common reason is that they believe that our grandparents ate a lot more salt than us: they used salt to dry meat and fish. This is very true because salt is a great preservative.

However, consider the following facts on their salt intake:

They didn’t eat sweetened cubes which have become the norm in our meal preparation today. They didn’t eat much of processed food( foods in tins and packets). They also ate a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables: unsalted.
Moreover, they were more involved in physical activities like walking long distances, farming, tilling, fishing, hunting etc. These activities involve sweating. Have you tasted your sweat before? I have . It is SALTY!!!! In essence, they ate considerably salt in fewer forms. In addition, they lost a lot from the skin: sweating.Sweating is a desirable healthy process: Believe you me.
In recent times, most of us do not SWEAT! In fact sweating is consider sweating a ‘sign of Suffering’ We therefore move from air conditioned homes to air conditioned cars to air conditioned offices and so on and so on. It is therefore pertinent to markedly reduce the Salt in our diet.
Try it for a HEALTHIER YOU.
See you tomorrow

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Medical Doctor/ Teacher/Author

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