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I’m rounding up on Hypertension in a few days.

Thanks for reading.

Other issues in controlling your Blood Pressure include weight reduction. I am shaking as I write this because I know how difficult it is: I’ve worked on my weight all my life.

Excess weight (Obesity) is not only a risk factor for Hypertension but all also a risk for a barrage of other conditions.

The first step is a Healthy Diet.

There are many types of diets but the main issue on weight control is this:

Weight is dependent on Input and Output.

Increase your Input and decrease your Output, you are in a positive balance: the weight piles UP.

Decrease your Input and increase your Output, you are in a negative balance: the weight goes DOWN.

Weight reduction has a lot of additional benefits. However, it requires a lot of DISCIPLINE!!

In addition, people are discouraged because of the prolonged time that it takes.

You didn’t add the weight in one day, it will not go in one day.

I’m trying to loose weight: let’s do it together.

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