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Hi everyone

Eating a healthy diet is of paramount importance in maintaining a healthy body.

Interestingly, literature written about 100 years ago reports that there’s no Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus Stroke and Dementia in Africa.
Regrettably, we IMPORTED these diseases. The problem of Africa was mainly infectious diseases.
Currently we have these non communicable diseases superimposed on the infectious diseases.
We imported these diseases by changing our lifestyle especially our food.
The whole world is saying ‘Africans go back to your food.’
Our food is referred to as
‘ The Healthy West African Diet’
The characteristics of our food are

We eat fresh unprocessed food. We cook our meat bleeding and fresh. In order to preserve, we may roast the meat or fish. We also dry under the Sun or hot fire like melon seeds, pepper,beans, garri.

We eat plant oils like Palm oil, groundnut oil, coconut oil, olive oil ,Avocado pear, ordinary pear etc. We imported animal oils like butter,margarine, milk, butter, cheese, salad cream etc
We eat Unrefined sugar in fresh fruits. We borrowed refined sugars like table sugar, sweets, chocolates, ice cream, minerals etc

We drink lots of water.
Our cooking methods are roasting, boiling, and steaming. We borrowed frying in oil or fat,baking, grilling ETC

Please go back to our African food for a healthier YOU.

Have a great day

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Medical Doctor/ Teacher/Author

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