Hi everyone
Are you there
Have you started readjusting to ‘ The Healthy West African Diet’?
Please do readjust. The sooner the better.
Also remember to eat all the foods in moderation. No matter how healthy the meal is, excess quantity will make it unhealthy and also lead to obesity.
It is also great to drink plenty of water. Actually, I’m guilty of taking small volumes of water but I’m learning to increase my water intake. So let’s learn together.

Taking about drinking, please reduce Alcohol intake significantly. The less you drink, the better for you.

Please quit Cigarette smoking or taking Nicotine in other forms like Snuff, piping ETC.

The last but not the least is Exercise.
Exercise is of paramount importance in ensuring a healthy life style.

It’s great if you can exercise three times a week as recommended. Aerobic exercises like walking, swimming, jogging, cycling are great.

Register in a gym if you can.
These however may not be very practicable in our busy lives. Hence, we’ll talk about incorporating exercises into our daily activities. Let’s do that tomorrow.
Good night

Published by berthaekeh

Medical Doctor/ Teacher/Author

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  1. Great post my sis & professor.
    I love these – well written, concise and packed with facts/ information. Keep up the good work.


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