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Yesterday we started talking about exercise. I can virtually hear some of you sighing: Hmmm where is the time?
I totally agree that time is a huge Challenge when it comes to exercise only second to lack of Discipline.

Hence we may not all have the time to jog, swim, cycle or register in a Gym or the wherewithal in some cases.
However there is so much you and I can do. This is called NEAT: forget the full name.
NEAT simply means incorporating activity and exercise into our daily lives.
Have you ever seen a FAT Newspaper vendor before? Not Likely!!!

They do not jog or register in a Gym. However there job entails walking all day.

When they get to any establishment, they walk round the whole compound, climb the stair cases as they deliver to all offices. Thereafter, they walk down several streets as they deliver the papers. The activity looks effortless, doesn’t seem to involve exercise or sweating but on the long on, they have covered long distances.
All of them are physically FIT if you notice. That is the profit of NEAT: ensuring physical activities in your daily duties.

Steps in NEAT include:
Using the staircase instead of the elevator
Parking some distance to walk to your office
Seeing off your visitor: walk him/ to the junction or bus stop
bus steps away then walk the remaining distance
Doing some house work like cleaning, laundry, dishes( all the jobs considered menial)
Walking to the market, church, school or office about 15 to 20 minutes away

These steps will increase your physical activities as you carry out your everyday activities.

You will be healthier.
See you tomorrow as we conclude on Lifestyle Modifications

Thanks once again

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