Sitting is the ‘new’ Smoking!!

Hi everyone
How’s the weekend?
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Today I’ll be rounding up on Lifestyle Modifications.
We have heard all our lives that ‘Smoking is dangerous for your Health’!!
The new cliche currently is ‘Sitting is the new Smoking’. This is because studies have shown that ‘Sitting is DANGEROUS for your Health’.
Sitting for long periods leads to reduced blood flow to the vital organs, weight gain and poor health on the long run.

I have personally noticed remarkable weight gain once I attend a conference or workshop. This is because my job description involves a lot of standing: Ward rounds, lectures, teaching by the bedside ETC.
On the other hand, while in a conference or workshop, my periods of standing reduce remarkably. The resultant effects include weight gain, sluggishness, poor sleep and all.
Please get up from the chair if you want a healthy life.

Some of the steps are as follows:
Stand while casting News: you’ll notice this on International networks
Stand after a while when working on your laptop
Stand while cooking
Stand while watching television
Do some domestic work like gardening,mowing the lawn, mopping the floor, cleaning Windows ETC
As often as possible please STAND.

In fact, there are standing tables for administrators, accountants and all persons who SIT all day. However, even if you don’t have one, incorporate standing while at work.

Please get UP from your CHAIR for a much healthier YOU!!.

See you on Monday

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Medical Doctor/ Teacher/Author

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