Epilepsy: Debunking the Myths 2

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Today, we’ll look at 2 myths:

1.Epilepsy is not treatable and can not be treated in the Hospital.

This belief is a sequel to the belief that Epilepsy is a Spiritual disease. Persons with this belief therefore believe that it can only be treated with alternate medicine. Hence the person is taken to a Spiritual house for prayers or treated with traditional herbs. These are not effective.

Epilepsy is a TREATABLE disease and can be treated in the Hospital. There are medications that can control the convulsions. In fact these medications can control the convulsions in most persons with Epilepsy.

To control means that either the convulsions have stopped or the frequency has reduced or are much less severe.

However, some of the persons will need to be on medications for life.

Epilepsy is a TREATABLE disease and it can be treated in the Hospital!!

Another common but wrong belief is:

Epilepsy is contagious or transferable.

This belief that Epilepsy is contagious or transferable is the reason people do not relate or go near any one with Epilepsy.

Epilepsy is not a contagious, infectious or transferable disease!! It cannot be transmitted by touching the saliva, blood, urine, sweat or faeces of the person.

It cannot be transmitted by eating, drinking, holding hands or even sex with the person.

You can relate with a person with Epilepsy: You will not CONTACT it from the person.

In addition, you can also help or car for anyone who is having convulsions. There is absolutely NO RISK of contacting the disease.

Just like all other human beings, they need help, care, love and compassion.

Please help anybody having convulsions: Epilepsy is not contagious or transferable!!

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