Epilepsy: Debunking the Myths 3

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I’m still on the numerous myths and wrong beliefs surrounding Epilepsy.

Today we’ll look at two other myths as follows:

1.People with Epilepsy are abnormal, retarded or mad!

This myth is very painful. It is the reason persons with Epilepsy ( PWEs) are badly treated and stigmatized by the society.

People with Epilepsy are not abnormal in anyway. Most of them have normal intelligence. They are not mad or sub normal in anyway.

I have many patients with Epilepsy who are graduates: Doctors, Bankers, Lawyers, teachers, business men ETC

They are all normal people with normal intelligence. In fact, one of my patients with Epilepsy was the best graduating student in her class in the University.

She used to have convulsions during examinations: she will complete the exams after the convulsions and make an A in the course. She’s currently pursuing her Masters Degree and leading the class as well. However, there are certain diseases which cause mental retardation as well as convulsions. These type of persons need further care.

2.People with Epilepsy should not go to school, work or have a normal life

Again this is wrong considering that they are normal as I’ve already written. Please do not withdraw the child from school because of Epileps. In addition, do not discriminate during employment. They have the capabilities to keep a job and excel in their chosen profession.

However, activities and jobs that may expose the person to danger are not advisable. Some of these include driving, swimming, handling fire, electricity or heavy machinery and others.

The person with Epilepsy can EXCEL like everyone else.

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