Epilepsy: Debunking the Myths 4

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I’m rounding up on debunking the Myths surrounding Epilepsy.

Today, we’ll look at two other myths:

  1. Persons with Epilepsy cannot marry or have children

Persons with Epilepsy are not considered for marriage by many. In fact, in some cases, their families are stigmatized as well: making it difficult for the other members of the family to marry.

The fear is that persons with Epilepsy are abnormal as already written yesterday. Some others fear that they may not have children.

The person with Epilepsy can marry because they are normal human beings. All they need to do is take their medications regularly just like all other persons on regular medications.

Epilepsy has nothing to do with the reproductive tract. Hence they ( both the men and women) are well able to have children like all other people.

They are also capable of caring and raising the children like other parents especially when they are taking their medications.

However, persons with Epilepsy are given special care during pregnancy and delivery.

2.Epilepsy is hereditary

The belief that Epilepsy is hereditary is one of the reasons people decide not to marry persons with Epilepsy. Some others also believe that Epilepsy can be transmitted through breast milk.

Epilepsy is NOT hereditary! However, there are some hereditary diseases ( occurring in both men and women) which may cause convulsions: though this is not common.

Epilepsy cannot be transmitted through breast milk. The person with Epilepsy should breastfeed her baby. There’s no problem or risk in breastfeeding.

Do you know of other beliefs? Please let me know.

See you tomorrow.

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