Epilepsy: What next?

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Last week, I took time to debunk the common myths surrounding Epilepsy. These myths are the reason a lot of persons with Epilepsy are not properly treated.

Now that we’ve debunked most of the myths about Epilepsy.

What is the next step?

If you have Epilepsy, now you know that you have nothing to be ashamed of: it’s an ailment like many others.

If you know any one with Epilepsy, now you know that there’s no reason to avoid, stigmatized the person. The person needs care, love consideration and support just like any other ill person.

To relatives, friends, colleagues and all persons with Epilepsy, please see a Doctor near you. There are medications that can control the convulsions.

The Doctor may eventually refer such a person to the Neurologist.

The drugs should be taken everyday as prescribed. Please do not discontinue the medications on your own. It’s only a Doctor that can discontinue the medications. This is done when The person has been seizure free for two or more years.

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