Convulsions: what shouldn’t be done

Hi everyone

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I sincerely thank my colleague Obiageri for drawing my attention to a common scenario in our communities. She had witnessed a child having convulsions in the market.

So many people proffered all types of solutions including drinking the mother’s URINE!!

This is appalling and wrong: Very very WRONG!

This poor knowledge and understanding is the main reason for this blog: medical information at your finger tips.

Some of the common solutions to stop convulsions used in our communities are as follows:

  1. Putting spoon inside the mouth. This is a dangerous practice and has led to severe injuries in the mouth.
  2. Putting the feet over fire.. Fire, hot water or heat WILL NOT STOP the convulsions. Rather, they cause burns of the feet and legs. Oftentimes, the person will have to be admitted for treatment of the burns.
  3. Putting Kernel oil, kerosene, Shea butter, urine or crude oil in the mouth. The mentioned substances are considered medicinal in most African cultures. Hence these are forcefully given to persons who are convulsing. Again, these substances do not stop convulsions at all. In addition, their forceful administration is very dangerous. These substances may go the wrong way: getting into the tube to the lungs instead of the tube to the stomach. The consequences of this misdirection are disastrous including Death!!
  4. Administration of substances into the eyes. In some cases, some the substances mentioned above are applied to the eyes. Once again, these substances will not stop the convulsions. In addition, they can cause damage to the eyes.
  5. There may be some other ways people use in our communities to stop convulsions. Please desist from all these methods as most of them are dangerous, very dangerous!!!

Thanks for reading. See me tomorrow to know what to do when someone is convulsing.

God bless you

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