Convulsions: What you should do

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Yesterday we looked at all the wrong actions people take when witnessing a convulsion. Today, we look at the correct steps to take.

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Convulsions are usually dramatic and scary. They can occur anywhere: at home, in the kitchen, on the road, in the vehicle, on the staircase, near the river or swimming pool.

There are some persons with Epilepsy who may have warning signs before the convulsions. The presence of these signs enable them find a comfortable, safe and private environment: like the bedroom. However, a large number of persons with Epilepsy may not have a warning sign.

On seeing anyone having convulsions, please take the following steps:

  1. The most important step is to ensure their safety since they are usually unaware of themselves and their environment. The person can fall into the fire, fall in front of a moving vehicle, fall on a naked electric wire, sharp knives or objects, into the river ETC. They therefore get injuries: some of these injuries are severe enough to endanger life. Therefore, making the environment safe is a crucial measure. Remove all sharp objects, hot water, fire ETC
  2. It is also wise to keep other people away from anybody who is convulsing. This is because these persons may take actions that will harm the person.
  3. Do not try to hold down or stop the movements physically. This will either harm you or the person.
  4. Place the person to lie on the side: preferably the left side. This helps to keep secretions from entering the tube to the lungs.
  5. It is wise to note the duration convulsions: the Doctor will want to know.
  6. Please do not put anything in the person’s mouth as written yesterday
  7. Wait to comfort and console the person after the convulsion. Such persons wake up confused, tired and ashamed. Your empathy at such a time means a lot to him/ her.
  8. Take him/ her to the hospital or advise the person to seek medical care.

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