Taking Charge in Epilepsy

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Still bringing Epilepsy out of the Shadows! Today, we’ll look at how to take charge of your care.

We have ascertained that Epilepsy is a condition that can be treated medically so what is the next step?

All persons with Epilepsy should see a medical Doctor. There are medications that can control the convulsions. The Doctor may also refer the person to a Neurologist for specialist care.

However, convulsions have certain triggers( not CAUSES!!)

Control and prevention of these triggers go a long way in controlling the convulsions i.e. reducing the frequency and severity.

Some of these are:

  1. Bright lights, flashing lights and screens: I’ve found a higher frequency of convulsions in persons who are always in front of screens like Tv, laptops, IPADs, smart phones ETC. Most of these become better controlled when they change these habits. I had to ask my patient who works in a TV shop to change his trade. I also stopped a young boy whose job description was online registration to stop.
  2. Music, loud speakers, loud noise: This is a new one on me. I’ve seen a lot of patients who have convulsions while singing or sitting near the choir, musical instruments, amplifiers, loud speakers or the DJ. These persons had remarkable improvement once they avoided music.
  3. Inadequate Sleep and Exertion have also been identified. Persons with Epilepsy should endeavour to sleep up to 7 hours in the night. THey should avoid night parties, frequent night vigils( Yes Night Vigils). I counsel the students to read everyday during the day and avoid TDB ( reading till day break) during examinations.
  4. Alcohol, Nicotine and Recreational drugs remain a NO- NO for anybody with convulsions.
  5. Menstruation is another trigger which cannot be avoided in a young girl. However, the stress can be reduced by taking common pain relievers two days before the period starts.

Other triggers include emotional and psychological stress, fever, pains ETC.

Please watch yourself or relative with Epilepsy. Avoid anyone of these triggers that you observe.

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See you tomorrow as we conclude on Epilepsy.

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