Bringing Epilepsy out of the Shadows!

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In the past two weeks, we’ve been looking at Epilepsy.

We’ve noted the following facts:

Epilepsy is a medical disease: Not a Spiritual disease! In essence all persons with Epilepsy should carry themselves with boldness and confidence. It’s not their fault in any way.

Epilepsy is a TREATABLE disease: treated in the Hospital. Hence all persons with Epilepsy should see a medical Doctor.

Epilepsy is not contagious or transferable. You can relate or touch such a person, there’s no risk of contacting the disease.

Epilepsy is not a hereditary disease

Persons with Epilepsy should not be stigmatized in any way : in education, job opportunities, friendship, marriage and all. In fact, I have a patient with Epilepsy who comes for all his hospital appointments with his room mate from a different geopolitical zone in Nigeria. His room mate ensures that he keeps my instructions about avoiding triggers. Persons with Epilepsy are entitled to such rich, rewarding friendships and relationships.

We’ve also seen the actions you should take and not take on witnessing someone convulsing.

Finally, there are triggers that must be avoided by the person with Epilepsy to ensure better control.

I hope that I can boldly say that I’ve brought the dreaded stigmatized disease called Epilepsy OUT OF THE SHADOWS!!!

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