Dementia: Prevention Strategies

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I’m sure that you are surprised at the topic. You are asking yourself Is Dementia preventable?

Hmmmm let’s go…….

Some types of Dementia can be prevented like the ones caused by Vitamin deficiencies, Excessive Alcohol intake, use of Recreational drugs and head injury.

In addition, the Vascular Dementias( which occur after Stroke) can be prevented to some extent. This is because the diseases that predispose to Stroke like Hypertension and Diabetes can be controlled. The control is achieved by taking the medications regularly and Lifestyle Modifications.

Components of Lifestyle Modifications were discussed earlier in this blog from 29th August to September 6th.

Please, always go back and read them: Diet, Reduction of Salt intake, Excercise, Activity ETC.

Concerning Alzheimer’s: commonest cause of Dementia, there are factors that are beneficial in the prevention.

These are

  1. Keeping the brain active: People who keep their brains active are less likely to have Alzheimer’s. Brain activities include taking classes, learning languages, playing musical instruments, correcting scripts and solving Mathematics. Others include playing games like chess, scrabble, Ludo, Draught, card games and others. It is also wise to solve puzzles, riddles and other brain challenging games.
  2. Social/ Group Activities: It is wise to engage in social and group activities. These are activities that involve interactions with other people like church programmes, village/ community meetings/ gatherings, women programmes, hanging out with friends and contemporaries. These are very important in retaining old memories as well as acquiring new ones.
  3. Work: It is good to continue in one’s occupation or vocation. This keeps the person in a familiar environment and terrain. Allow your parents to continue their trade, farm work or even volunteer in the church or community. However, the physical stress on them should be reduced remarkably. The 75 year old farmer should have farm workers while he supervises. The 70 year old trader should not carry heavy merchandise. The volunteer teacher or Lecturer should give 11 Am lectures not 8Am.

The point is that the BRAIN should never be IDLE!!

Finally, please pray for yourself. There is power in prayer.

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  1. Are there medications to prevent alcohol-related dementia, or does the person need to stop drinking completeĺy


    1. Good morning Emeka
      Thanks for reading. You’ve made my day.
      The person needs to reduce Alcohol intake remarkably. It is best if he carbon stop drinking .
      God bless you
      Please share as you read


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