Breast Cancer Awareness

Hi everyone. Happy New Month
October is the month for Breast cancer awareness(Pink October). In view of that, I will be writing on Breast cancer this month.

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What is cancer?
Cancer is a disease in which there is a development of abnormal cells in the body with uncontrollable multiplication. These abnormal cells also have the ability to spread to other organs in the body. Cancer can affect any organ in the body. The commonest organs affected by cancer are the breasts, prostate, skin, lung and the digestive system.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world; actually the leading cause of death in women in the developing world.

Breast cancer therefore is when there are abnormal cells in the breast that divide in an uncontrollable manner which also spread to other organs. It is the commonest cancer in women affecting as many as 2.1 million women every year.

The World Health Organisation( WHO) estimated that 627,000 women died in 2018 from Breast cancer. Regrettably, most of these deaths took place in developing countries.

The occurrence of cancer of the breast seems to be on the increase in our country. In fact, some specialists run a special breast clinic in the Teaching Hospitals.

The good news is that EARLY DIAGNOSIS and TREATMENT make a world of difference. Some persons have survived breast cancer after treatment with no trace of cancer many years later
. Some women have also lived for many years. Two weeks ago, the world mourned the death of veteran American Journalist Cokie Roberts from breast cancer. She was diagnosed in 2002 and had lived for 17 more years.

In essence, it is not entirely hopeless if you or anybody you know has breast cancer. There is still a lot that can be done with the Almighty God on your side.

Let’s take the walk into BREAST CANCER AWARENESS.

Your are Welcome

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