Breast Cancer: Risk factors

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We are continuing the series on Breast cancer. Today, we will discuss the risk factors for developing breast cancer.

Breast cancer occurs in both men and women however, it is much more common in women.
In my country Nigeria, we are all very religious. Hence at the mention of a disease or anything negative, we will all proclaim ‘IT IS NOT MY PORTION!!

The essence of writing this blog is not to frighten anybody but to give you and yours enough medical information to take charge of your own health issues.
Please note that breast cancer can develop in anybody; especially women.

Who are those at a greater risk of developing breast cancer?

1.Women who are more than 50 years are more likely to develop breast cancer.
2. The most important risk factor is a positive personal or family history. A woman who has had breast cancer is more likely to have affectation of the other breast. In addition, women whose mothers and sisters have or had breast cancer are more likely to have breast cancer than others.
3.Another risk factor is a history of ovarian cancer in the woman’s family.
4. The risk is higher in women who have family history of both breast and ovarian cancer.
5. There is also an increased risk in a man with a personal or family history of male breast cancer.
6. In addition women who have access to genetic testing can test for the particular gene that has been associated with a high risk. You all remember that the Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie had both breasts removed after the genetic testing.

Other risk factors are some of those already discussed in Hypertension and Dementia.
as follows;
2. The Western Diet
3. Regular Alcohol intake
4. Sedentary lifestyle
5. Cigarette Smoking
6. Environmental factors like exposure to pesticides

Thanks for reading,we’ll talk about the symptoms of breast cancer tomorrow.

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