Symptoms of Breast Cancer

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In most cases, breast cancer is asymptomatic. This means that someone can have breast cancer without having NOTICEABLE symptoms. However, in many cases, there certain symptoms may be noticed as follows;

1. Breast lump: The commonest symptom of breast cancer is a lump or mass in the breast. This is the reason all women should examine their breasts regularly. The lump may be on top /inside the breast or in the armpit. Some women mistakenly consider the lump to be a boil especially when it is in the armpit. The presence of a lump in the breast should make the woman see the Doctor immediately. Please note that there are other causes of lumps in the breast. However, you need to see a Doctor to examine and carry out some tests to ascertain the cause of the lump.

Other symptoms include:
2. Changes in the skin of the breast: The changes could be redness, change in the colour of the breast, swelling, wound or a difference in the feel and look of the breasts.

3. Changes in size, shape of the breast or nipples: In some cases, the shape and size of the breasts may show changes. This also includes noticeable changes in the nipples like turning inwards or having dimples.

4. Nipple discharge; The normal nipple should discharge only milk especially when a woman is breastfeeding. Any other discharge from the nipple should prompt a visit to the Doctor. This is especially important when the discharge is blood stained.

5. Breast pain; Pain in the breast may occur but it is not an early symptom of breast cancer.

There are some other features that your Doctor will detect after examination. Some of these are late features. The essence of this is that you should detect the early features and act fast.
Early detection and Treatment make a World of Difference!!!

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