International Teacher’s Day

Hi everyone
Thanks for reading. You notice that I usually don’t write on Saturdays. However today Saturday, October 5th is the International Teacher’s Day.I therefore want to take out time to honour these UNSUNG HEROES!! out there.I love to introduce myself as ‘A child of Two Teachers’.
This is because I consider my parentage a rare blessing. Teachers stand for everything I believe in: Love for Education, Intelligence, Communication arts, Honesty, Dedication, Accountability, Availability, Discipline, Prudence, Sound morals, being Candid and Straightforward ETC.
I love the compliment of ‘ No Wonder’ whenever, I introduce myself. It makes me feel that my parents got it Right somehow.

Painfully, the qualities exhibited by Teachers are gradually going into extinction.
Instead, some other negative qualities( indiscipline, laziness, truancy, arrogance, disrespect, dishonesty, moral bankruptcy ETC) are being accommodated, honoured: even flaunted and celebrated.
Every one of us can earnestly remember one teacher or another who made a positive impact in his or her life. Teachers spend their time , energy to not only educate but also make impact and change lives. This is the reason that in any country that loves and encourages Excellence, only the BEST teach. Teaching is not supposed to be for ‘those who can’t find jobs’. It is supposed to be the First option of job: only for the BEST.

Poor renumeration in developing countries like Nigeria has made Teaching an ‘Undesirable Profession’.

In addition, teachers have been mistreated and bullied by parents and guardians for carrying out disciplinary measures against their children and wards. All parents should please note that DISCIPLINE is part and parcel of Teaching. Allow the teachers to discipline( within the confines of the school regulations) your children: they are doing you a HUGE favour.

If I have the opportunity to improve the quality of Education in Nigeria, I will improve the renumeration and welfare package of teachers at all cadres!!
The theme for 2019 Teacher’s Day is Young Teachers: the future of the Profession

I encourage any young person out there who wants to impart into lives to go into Teaching! It is Rewarding in so many other ways.

I hereby celebrate ALL TEACHERS for all that you do.

For imparting knowledge

For giving your time
For giving your attention
For spending your energy
For the sleepless nights
For ensuring discipline
For being counsellors
For being Mentors
For all your SACRIFICES!
Happy Teacher’s Day to ALL TEACHERS!! : present, past and future.
Have a GREAT weekend.
Forward this if you like it.

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Medical Doctor/ Teacher/Author

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