Mental Health Awareness

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This week is the American week for Mental Health Awareness. In fact the 10th of October is the World Mental Health Day. In view of this, I’ll be writing on Mental Health issues.


Mental Health is the state of functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioural adjustments. The wellbeing of an individual involves the ability to cope with normal life stress and be productive in the community. Cultural differences and beliefs actually affect how one defines Mental Health. Hence what seems normal in one culture may be regarded abnormal in another culture.

It is important to note that mental illnesses are more common than most of the non communicable Diseases. I’m sure that you find this surprising. Some of the poor behaviour we accommodate and condone may be the features of Mental ill health.

Effects and Impact of Menat illness

Mental illness has a lot of adverse effects on the individual, family and society at large.

The effects on the individual include difficulties with Education, low productivity, poverty, vulnerability to abuse and other health problems.

The burden of caring for the mentally ill is HUGE on the family. It makes the family unable to work at a full capacity, leads to decreased production, loss of income, caregiver burn out and social isolation and stigma. It also causes a drain to the family finances, causes poor childcare and a higher rate of divorce. In cases of physical violence, the family members are at a very high risk.

On the society, mental ill health reduces the work force, the productivity. It is also a drain to the society: socially and financially.

The burden of mental ill health is high.

Hence, this week is designated to create Mental Health awareness. Once again, the essence of this blog is to ensure that you take charge of the issues that you can control: if you are involved.

Let’s go……

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