Treatment for skin Lightening

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Yesterday, we looked at the hazards of skin lightening. Today, we are going to find out what can be done to halt or treat these disastrous effects.
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Step 1
The first step is to identify whether you are involved in skin lightening or bleaching. Some of you are saying ‘it is just toning’, ‘I am maintaining my colour’ or ‘I am using natural products’. Please look at the soap or cream that you are using and check the active ingredient. Painfully, there are many ignorant users of skin lightening preparations. Most of these are husbands, sisters, brothers and even children who just use the wife’s, sister’s or mother’s soap and cream.

The second step is to STOP! ; It cannot be overemphasized. There is no other effective method to halt the ongoing damage. I know that most of you will revert back to your original dark colour: You will not like that. In fact some of the spots, patches (usually seen under the eyes) and scars may never go. Do not be deceived into believing that there are ‘ORIGINAL’ products that can reverse the damage: It will only get worse. However, you will spare yourself further damage to your skin, or more importantly other internal organs. You don’t have to destroy your kidney first before you stop. There are persons undergoing dialysis (a procedure that does the work of a diseased kidney) from kidney damage from skin lightening preparations.

Please go back to neutral soaps and creams that just have oils and nice smelling perfumes. I do not want to advertise any products but we all know them. Baby products are particularly neutral.

Treatment of the complications; All persons who have the complications discussed yesterday need to see the Doctor immediately. The treatment will depend on the type of problem that the person developed.

Education and Counselling
One effective step is the protection from the Sun. It is extremely important to avoid the sun if you use skin lighteners. You recall that melanin production is increased on exposure to sun. The essence is to protect the skin and body from the dangerous ultra violet rays. Skin lightening reduces the amount of melanin one way or the other. Hence the sun becomes extremely dangerous to the bleached skin.
In view of that it is good to remain indoors between 10 AM and 4 PM when the sun is hottest. This may not be very practicable for everyone in our tropical weather. Persons who have air conditioned offices and cars have an advantage. The rest of us who have to go to the market, hawk, use public transport (including motorcycles) will have to adjust our schedule to protect ourselves from the Sun and Ultraviolet Rays. Always stay under shades when there is opportunity.

Finally, it is extremely important to educate others about skin health. I have done my little part in the education by writing this piece.

How about you? You can start by forwarding the pieces on skin health.
Thanks for reading and God bless you.
Let’s conclude tomorrow

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