Care of the Skin

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Today we are concluding on skin health by looking at how to take care of our skin.
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We have already mentioned some of them but there is no harm is emphasizing
1. Protect your skin from the Sun
Protection from the sun cannot be overemphasized in skin care. It is wise to avoid sun between 10AM and 4PM. This may not be practicable for all of us; however, let us all go an extra mile to protect our skins from the sun. Ensure that you stay under shades (trees, umbrellas, canopies gazebos ETC) when present. In addition, protection of the skin is one essential reason to cover up; please always wear clothes that cover you. Peradventure you didn’t know, the first function of clothes is TO COVER. Clothes and shoes are for protection. Other functions of clothing like fashion, style are secondary. Wide brimmed hats are particularly effective for persons with Albinism. Cover children with albinism with long sleeved clothes, trousers and wide brimmed hats: the earlier, the better.

2. Healthy Diet
A healthy diet is an important aspect of a healthy life style. The health of the skin is therefore also maintained by ensuring that your diet is health. Always eat lots of fresh foods and vegetables. Also ensure whole grains, and lean proteins already discussed in lifestyle modification in the first week of September.

3. Increase your water intake
I am literally trembling as I write this because I am a major culprit when it comes to not taking enough water. I intend to repent and improve; please join me as I step up. You need to drink gallons of water to hydrate your skin and ensure a healthier skin. Drink as much as 1.5-2 L of water a day. This is about 8 glasses of water. For Nigerians, 1 Big Eva water bottle or more.

4. Avoid substance use and abuse
Smoking is a No-No in the care of the skin. In addition, the twin brother called Alcohol also destroys the skin. The elder brother called ‘Substance ( including drugs, glue, etc)abuse’ all but finishes the skin. These habits are very bad for health in general. Excessive intake of caffeine seen in coffee and tea( you caught me there) are also unhealthy for the skin.

5. Handle your skin gently
The skin deserves gentle treatment. It is wise to reduce the time spent in the bathroom. Hot water and long baths remove the natural oils of the skin. This leads to dryness of the skin; the skin has ready cracks that can lead to boils. This actually happened to me. I just love to bath and so I regularly indulge in frequent long baths. Sometime last year, I started having recurrent boils. I battled with these boils until I realized my ‘transgression’. I therefore reduced the frequency and duration of my bath time. In this way, I started having relief though I haven’t totally won the war. For the men, apply shaving cream lotion or gel before shaving. Daily shaving is ill advised.

6. Do not use skin lightening/bleaching agents
The hazards of using skin lightening agents cannot be overemphasized. Please avoid all skin lightening agents. They destroy the skin: slowly but surely. They also destroy other vital organs as already discussed. Always use neutral soaps and creams. Those who have dry skin should use moisturizing creams and oils to ensure that their skin is well hydrated.

7. Stress Management
Stress is a killer any time any day. Stress management is important in the care of the skin.

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