Sex Education for the Young

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In recent times, there have been some stories that ripped my heart; most likely they ripped yours too if you saw them. The first is the 12 year old orphan (sexually abused by the Pastor, native Doctor) whom we all saw carrying her baby. The second is the story of the nanny in Florida who was jailed 20 years for sexually abusing an 11 year old boy and having his baby. These stories are just the tip of the iceberg. There are more terrible cases; though most cases are hidden to protect the child.

In view of this, we will be discussing Sex Education for the Young this week.
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For years, the issue of discussing sex has been an uncharted area. Most of us (ladies) will remember that our mothers taught us that you will be pregnant when you play with a boy. This singular statement was the ENTIRE sex education that a good number of us got. There were therefore cases of supposed ‘bad girls’ who got pregnant having had no knowledge of the consequence of their actions. The ones who were a bit luckier, had their mothers discuss menstruation and a bit more about ‘playing with a boy’. In fact, I learnt of a case of incest where a girl got pregnant by her brother. She said that her mother told her that she must not play with other boys; she was only allowed to play with her brother. Hence she played with her brother; the type, description and limits of the play had not been properly defined. Painfully, a lot of us (women, mothers, aunties and big sisters) are still making the same mistakes that our mothers and grandmothers made by keeping Sex Education ‘shrouded in secrecy’. A lot of women still wait before their daughters achieve puberty before they can discuss the issues of sex.
Some of such women never got the opportunity as the girl was abused while very young. Do we all remember the case of OCHANYA? : Poor poor girl: she was only 8 years old when her evil cousin and more evil uncle descended on her under the very nose of her Aunty. The case of that poor girl still fills my heart with sorrows and pains. No child deserves that type of inhuman treatment.

It is worthy of note that it is not only the girls that are in danger. The young boys are also being abused regularly. Some of them are abused by older women like the 11 year old boy mentioned above who was abused by his nanny. The cases of female teachers having sex with their young male students have been making the headlines recently. Prior to this time, it was the male teachers sexually abusing their young female students. In addition, young boys also suffer from homosexual abuse. One of my patients was abused while he was as young as 4 years. These kinds of cases abound.

In view of the foregoing, it is therefore pertinent to educate the young on the issues of sex; THE EARLIER THE BETTER.
The essence of this is to help young people gain the information, skills and motivation to protect them from sexual predators.
It will also enable them to take charge and make healthy decisions about sex and sexuality throughout their lives.

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