Prevention of Stroke 1

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Today October 29th 2019 is the World Stroke day as noted yesterday.
In view of that, we will take the next few days to look at ‘PREVENTION OF STROKE’.

Some of these have already being discussed two months ago as part of lifestyle modification. We will look at them again as follows:
1. Control of high blood pressure. Half of the persons who have Stroke have Hypertension. This percentage is much higher in our African patients where as many as 70 % or more of our Stroke patients have Hypertension. The problem with Hypertension is that it is the ‘Silent Killer’. It never warns the sufferer; hence the person continues moving about not knowing that he or she is actually very ill. It therefore behoves us to take charge. You and I owe it to ourselves to check our blood pressure. This can be done easily in any nearby hospital and health centre. Thereafter, if the blood pressure is elevated, you need to see the Doctor to carry out some tests, prescribe medications and all. In addition, you need to take the steps out lined earlier; last week of August to control your blood pressure. One of the most important steps is the reduction of Salt intake. The steps in Reduction of salt intake are outlined on this blog ( August 30th and September 2ND editions).

Highlights are as follows:
—-Avoid unnecessary salt
—-Reduce the use of cubed sweeteners
—-Avoid packaged foods
—-Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

2. Exercise It has been shown that persons who have Stroke are usually those with a sedentary life style. Regular exercise about 20-30minutes in a day about five times a week is advised. Aerobic exercises that involve movement of the whole body like running, jogging, swimming, cycling are recommended. They are therefore very effective.

However, a good number of us complain about the ‘Time FACTOR’ in exercise. Where is the time to exercise in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives? We are always in a hurry to catch up with work, appointments, schools runs, church activities ETC. Having a time scheduled for exercise seems unrealistic and unachievable. This leads us to the concept of NEAT!!
The concept of NEAT is about incorporating exercise and physical activities in our daily lives. You will please note that Newspaper vendors are always ‘FIT’. This is not because they registered in a gym. However, their job involves a lot of walking. Eventually, the physical activities add up. The new cliché is that ‘Sitting is the new Smoking’. This is because sitting all day does not equate to physical activity. It is not healthy to sit all day like some of us do (in the car, at the office, on the couch, watching TV ETC). We are slowly killing ourselves. Some of the steps to incorporate physical activities in your everyday life have been discussed on September 7th edition.
Highlights are as follows:
Walk as often as you can
Use the staircase instead of the elevator
Park your car some distance from your office and walk to the office
Stand when working on your lap top; Newscasters on international networks stand to cast News.
Do some of the house work like cleaning, gardening, laundry ETC
See off your visitor
Take a stroll around your house

Remember ‘SITTING is the new SMOKING’

See you tomorrow

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