Types and Sources of Stress

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Today we will go further to discuss the types and sources of Stress.

There are basically two types of Stress; EUSTRESS (Good or positive stress) and DISTRESS (bad or negative stress)
Eustress /good stress exerts a healthy effect and makes us to feel good. It only occurs for a short period of time and gives us the ability to generate our best performance or maximum output. This is the most recognizable type. It commonly occurs when there are deadlines to meet, examinations and interviews, accidents, sudden illness or bad news in the family ETC.

In these situations, the ‘Normal stress response’ is activated. Such a person is has extra strength, agility, focus and concentration. The person is able to navigate and achieve great feats.
When the stress becomes overwhelming, such a person has DISTRESS.

There are three types of Distress: Acute, Acute Episodic and Chronic

Acute Stress
Common causes of acute stress have already been mentioned like deadlines to meet, examinations and interviews, accidents and sudden illness. The stress is worse when there are two or more events at the same time. Some of the features are anger or irritability, anxiety, and depression. There may be headache, back pain and jaw pain. The person may also have heartburn, acid stomach, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation. The blood pressure and heart rate increases. Others are sweaty palms, palpitations, dizziness, cold hands or feet, shortness of breath, and chest pain.
Acute stress can crop up in anyone’s life, and it is highly treatable and manageable.

The second type is Acute Episodic Stress.
This type is seen in Type ‘A’ individuals who take on too much. They are always in a hurry, disorganized, short tempered, anxious and tense. The painful thing is that they underachieve. This type is also seen in ‘Worry warts’. These persons worry over everything. Hence they are always anxious and tense. They also underachieve on the long run.

Chronic Stress
Chronic stress is the most severe form of stress. It stems from the stress of unrelenting demands and pressures for seemingly interminable periods of time. The grinding stress that wears people away day after day, year after year and gradually destroys bodies, minds and lives.

Sources of Chronic Stress
There are many causes of stress. Stress in the home may arise from bad marriage, separation or divorce. Stress may also arise from an illness/ death of spouse, family members, near relative or friend. Other common causes are poverty, in-laws, lack of pregnancy, sex of the baby, children’s behaviour or poor performance, violence and sexual abuse. Stress in the home is often destructive and actually kills since the person contends with it every day. Most persons will benefit from counseling.

Stress at work arises from meeting demands and deadlines at work, excessive work pressure, poor relationships with colleagues, favouritism and sexual harassment. Other sources include, threats: physical threats, social threats, financial threat, other threats and fears setback to your position in society/status quo. Stress in the office may be better managed especially after promotion or transfer.

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