Negative effects of Stress

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We started discussing Stress last week. Today, we will be looking at some of the many negative or bad effects of stress.

The general effects of stress include impaired cognitive performance, the suppression of functions of the thyroid gland, blood sugar imbalance and reduced density of bone and muscle. Others are increase in blood pressure, poor wound healing and increase in abdominal fat (yes, increase in abdominal fat). This increase in abdominal fat may arise for poor feeding habits, alcohol ingestion and or poor exercise.

Specific effects of stress are as follows:
Effects on the mental functions include forgetfulness, poor concentration, poor judgment, anxiety, constant worry and seeing only the negatives. In essence, the person under stress does not function optimally at his or her job. Such a person makes many mistakes or generally under performs.

Emotional effects include moodiness, irritability, short temper and inability to relax. The person feels overwhelmed, lonely, isolated, depression and unhappiness. Such a person is difficult to be around; family members and friend start complaining.

The physical effects are aches and pains, diarrohea or constipation, nausea, chest pains, dizziness, frequent colds, loss of sex drive ETC.

Some of the effects on the behaviour include eating more or less (weight gain or loss) as well as sleeping too much or too little. Others include isolation, procrastination or neglecting responsibilities. Some persons may have nervous habits like nail biting, pacing around and excessive fidgeting. Some resort to using alcohol, cigarettes, or recreational drugs; these lead to addictive disorders.

It is worthy of note that Stress plays a huge role in triggering or worsening diseases.

Some of the common disease that are affected by stress are as follows:
Hypertension (elevated blood pressure): Hypertension also called the ‘Silent Killer’ as noted months ago in this blog. Hypertension destroys the blood vessel with subsequent destruction of the eyes, kidneys, heart and brain. This leads to other diseases like Stroke, Heart Failure, Heart attack, kidney failure —–. Stress also leads to abnormal heart rhythms, palpitations, headaches and sleep disorders.

Stress also leads to allergies, Diabetes, thyroid disease, skin conditions, lack of menstruation and sexual disorders.
The poor appetite may lead to ulcer, while over eating will lead to obesity and further health issues. Others diseases are cancers; Stress predisposes to many cancers.Furthermore, there may be dependence disorders like Alcohol, smoking, and drug addiction.

In children, stress can cause difficulties in speaking and learning. Such children do not do well at school. Stress in the home as well as bullying at school cause poor performance in children. In addition the children may also develop behavioural issues. In view of this, it is essential to ensure that the home is a comfortable and safe haven for children.

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