Unhealthy ways of managing Stress

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From the foregoing, you will agree with me that so many of us are under stress. This may arise from our homes, academic activities, relationships, office, business, deadline to meet and so on and so on. There are many ways of managing stress. Some of the methods are healthy while some are unhealthy.

Today, we will start discussing these various ways. You are welcome.
Unhealthy ways of managing Stress

1. Alcohol: The use of alcohol is probably the most common way of managing stress. Many people who do not take alcohol actually start drinking alcohol when under stress. Those who drink alcohol may start drinking more. A common saying is ‘Drowning my Sorrows’ in Alcohol. Painfully, it is not only the sorrows that are drowned. Most persons eventually drown themselves along. Taking Alcohol is a terrible way to handle stress.

2. Using substance/drugs; The use of substance and or drugs is another unhealthy way of handling stress. Most of the abused medications usually make the person to ‘feel good’; some relieve pains and aches or help the person to sleep better. The person therefore keeps taking more and more to feel good. Eventually the person becomes an addict. Drug or substance addiction is a terrible situation which eventually destroys the person.

3. Overeating/Under eating; Many people response to stress with either excessive or reduced consumption of food. This is common in those who have depression. The persons who overeat end up with obesity and obesity related diseases. The ones who under eat end up with ulcers and malnutrition (Vitamin deficiencies are very common).

4. Excessive Sleep; Some others handles stress by sleeping excessively. These people are generally referred to as ‘lazy people’. It’s like they just go to bed to avoid ‘seeing the next day’. They are like the ostrich who buries his head in the sand to seeing danger. Clearly, this method does not work as the danger looms and eventually catches up with the ostrich. Please, do not go to sleep, you need to wake up and face the issues.

5. Procrastinating; Procrastination is another unhealthy way of handling stress. As I write this sentence, I realize that I am guilty of this procrastination: Yes ooo, writing this blog doesn’t make me perfect). It means that I do not know it all and so I make mistakes also. However, I am ready to accept my mistakes as well as share what I have learnt thus far.

6. Filling up every minute of the day to avoid facing problems; This is another unhealthy way of handling stress. Some persons ensure that they are too busy. They fill all the hours with one programme, activity or another. This is another way of putting the head in the sand.

7. Taking out your stress on others: This method is common also in those who are under a lot of stress. This includes lashing out, angry outbursts, violence (physical, emotional, psychological, sexual violence and all). The unlucky recipients are usually members of the family (spouses and children), co workers, colleagues, friends and other close persons. This method destroys not just the person but it also destroys wonderful relationships.

8. Suicide/Murder: Painfully, this is the worst ways of handling STRESS. Some persons totally loose it and either kill themselves or others. Lately in Nigeria we have heard of persons who either jumped into the lagoon or taken ‘Sniper’ to ‘End it All’. Is there someone out there who thinks that it is over?

Let’s start talking about the HEALTHY WAYS tomorrow.
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