Healthy ways of managing Stress 1

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Yesterday, we discussed the unhealthy ways of managing stress. These ways cause much more harm on the long run. Today we will start discussing the steps in managing our stress in a healthy manner.
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The healthy steps often involve some personal life style changes. We will discuss two of these today.

The first step is to have an honest assessment and appraisal of yourself (strengths and weaknesses). What is the cause of the stress? Oftentimes, we have a way of dissociating ourselves form the cause. We prefer to identify some other person, situation or condition for our stress. Start by looking closely at your habits and attitudes.

In the case of stress caused by poverty or lack start by looking at your earning power and potentials. The reason you are in lack may be because you have not explored all avenues of earning. Some of us keep waiting for white collar jobs; or certain types (or class) of jobs. Please pick any available job no matter how small; it is a start (you can grow). Any little earning will reduce the stress of poverty. Perhaps, you are waiting for ‘Big Business’? It is not easy to raise loans these days. Those who got loans (some from money lenders) are still suffering under the burden of the debt. Please do not wait for big money: start with ideas. Are you overspending? Some of us overload ourselves with bills. We make so many purchases (most are unnecessary) on credit.

If there is stress in the home (bad marriage, divorce, separation, poorly behaved children, domestic violence ETC) it is wise to look at your won contribution. It takes two to tango. The same goes for stress in the workplace. You can complain about your horrible boss; how about your are coming, your numerous errors, your lackadaisical attitude and poor work ethics. You have to accept responsibility for your role in creating or maintaining it, if not, your stress level will remain outside your control. A little change in your self may just be what you need.

This is akin to the first step. Many of us overload ourselves with activities and responsibilities at work in church, socially or otherwise. We have too many fish to fry. For some it is in expenditures. WE must have our babies abroad, go on holidays, send our children to the most expensive schools, live in high brow areas, drive the most expensive cars, wear designer wears and generally keep up with the Joneses. Please you must know your limits and stick to them. You will spare yourself a lot of stress. Please learn to say ‘NO!!.

In the place of work, it is wise to delegate duties some of the duties. If there is any other person who can do it, let him or her do so. Women please delegate some house hold chores to your children. They may not do it well, but they will learn and gradually take over the chores; the sooner, the better.

It is wise to avoid red-button topics. Issues of race, religion, ethnicity, family, alumni, denominations ETC are discussed with so much passion. Nobody wants to admit that that which he/she belongs to or believe in is not good enough. Wars, religious and race riots have been caused by ‘supposedly simple’ conversations or actions. Another common cause of stress is the traffic. It is wise to find a way around it. This may include a new route, earlier timing, relocation ETC.

Painfully, you have to avoid people that stress you: this may not sound ‘Christianly’ but there are persons who give you ulcers. Please let go of such toxic relationships or keep away for awhile.

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We will continue tomorrow

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