Further steps in Stress Management

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We are still `looking at the principles in Stress Management. Some other principles are as follows:

Everyone needs a support system. People who have a good support system can pull through a lot of challenges. Members of the support system include the following;
Family: Family members are a great support system. This is because of their love and care for many years. They know your strengths and weaknesses and generally want the best for you. Granted, some of the stress may arise for family feuds, most members of the family form a great support system. They are particularly supportive in cases of works stress, poverty and illnesses.
Friends: Good friends are wonderful in times of trouble.
Support Groups: Support groups are extremely effective. It gives you the opportunity of meeting persons who had similar challenges. These include Alcohol anonymous, Stroke or Cancer survivors, Groups against violence, Veterans association……….
The Church: The members of the church also form a great support group because of similar beliefs. Spiritual leaders like pastors generally love, care and support their members. Painfully, in some cases, the members are judgmental. This is terribly wrong. If you can’t do any good, please do not do any harm.
Others are colleagues, mentors, neighbours ETC. Note that it is always wiser to choose your support (friends, family, church, Spiritual leaders, church members) from the same sex as yourself. This ensures safe boundaries; inappropriate relationships have been formed in time of trouble leading to more stress and disastrous consequences.

Share the problem with your support system.
Having noted that we all need a support system, it is wise to confide in someone. Sharing the problem goes a long way: a problem shared is half solved! Some persons keep all the issues to themselves. This ‘bottling up’ is very common in cases of domestic violence, sexual abuse, errant or badly behaved children. Granted sharing personal issues may be wrongly handled or blown up; confiding in someone is a risk. However, it is very beneficial to confide in one or two trusted persons. You may get some insight on how to navigate your own challenges and issues. In some cases, you may hear of worse cases making your own issues pale in comparison. This therefore gives you the strength to face the challenges.
Spend time with those you love (family, friends, colleagues). Spending valuable time with those whose company you enjoy is awesome. You have an opportunity to laugh again. Remember that ‘LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE’. Learn to laugh irrespective of your situation and circumstances.

Helping others is a wonderful way of handling your stress. It takes you out of yourself. Wrapping yourself inside a package makes a very small package. Going out there to help others in whatever you can enlarges you in many ways. There are many ways of helping others. Financial help is just one way and it helps remarkably. Some of these include school fees, rent, transport fare, hospital bills and the like. Other ways of helping include running errands, babysitting, laundry, teaching, praying or just LISTENING. As often as possible, make yourself available to help others who are undergoing challenges.

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