Conclusion on Stress Management

Hi everyone

Today is the conclusion on Stress Management.

The following are the other steps principles in the management of Stress:

In today’s busy world, the concept of ‘rest and relaxation’ looks a bit impractical. There is virtually no time for anything else after work, caring for the children, caring for a sick family member, other social or spiritual responsibilities. However, you still need time for rest and relaxation. You can reduce your work load as earlier discussed to get some rest. You can also get snatches of rest at work. This can be a 15 minute nap in the office, just bending your head for some few minutes. Ideally there should be a lunch break at the office. This period is important to not only have lunch but also have a 10 minute rest.
It is very wise to relax with persons whose company you enjoy as earlier written. This is in the form of visitations, birthday parties, weddings and other celebrations. It is wise to avoid wild parties riddled with alcohol and recreational drugs as these situations lead to alcohol abuse, substance abuse, rape and other social vices with consequent Stress.

Sleep is extremely important. William Shakespeare called in the ‘Balm of great minds’. Sleep is refreshing and restorative. The duration of goodnight sleep ranges from 2-3 hours in new born babies to 4-6 hours in the elderly. Most adults require 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Inadequate night sleep leads to headaches, poor concentration, poor performance at work, irritability and all. Please find the time to sleep.

Once again, good food is very important in the management of stress. We have already discussed the importance of good food in the prevention of hypertension, Dementia, Stroke and Breast cancer. Ensure that you eat the ‘Healthy African Diet’. Features are fresh, unprocessed food, no additives, plant oils, fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of water. Remember to reduce salt intake.

Sedentary life style is the bedrock of numerous diseases. You need to exercise for at least 30 minutes three times every week. Registering in a gym is wonderful. However, this may not be feasible for most of us. Hence we can incorporate exercise in our everyday activities: a concept known as NEAT (Non exercise Activity Thermorigenesis). This includes using the stair case instead of the elevator, walking, standing to take calls, watch TV, do domestic chores ETC. Deep breathing exercises are effective when there is acute stress; it helps in immense relaxation.
Some other people believe in some other principles like yoga, acupuncture and meditations: I do not know how they work; hence, I do not practice these principles.

I am a Christian by the grace of God. I believe in the saving power of my Lord Jesus Christ. I believe in Faith in Christ and that Prayer can move mountains. This does not mean that your life will be ‘A bed of Roses’. It rather means that with ‘Jesus in your boat’, it is Peace be still. In addition, MIRACLES may happen and I have seen quite few. My writing this blog is one such.

In conclusion, I have shared the little I have learnt of Stress and Stress Management. I hope you found it useful in the reduction of your Stress.

Thanks you so much for reading

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