Hi everyone
I am sorry for my prolonged silence; I needed a small break.

I know that we are all overwhelmed by all the information on COVID -19 pandemic. I do not wish to bore you further.

I just want to add my voice to the mantra ‘PLEASE STAY SAFE’

Please note that COVID-19 does not move: Rather people move it. This is the reason the experts insist on Social Distancing.

Hence LOCKDOWN is being advocated in many countries. This has led a lot of us wondering what to do with the time. I humbly suggest that this will be a great time to get healthy: Use this period for many healthy activities. We will start with Brain Health.

Brain Health

Activities that improve our general health also make for a healthy brain. These include a healthy diet, physical exercise, avoidance of smoking and Alcohol etc.
However MENTAL STIMULATION is extremely important to ensure an active healthy brain.

Mentally stimulating activities include Reading (Yes ooo old faithful reading cannot be overemphasized). Please read and ensure your children also read within this period. Read the BIBLE, Newspapers( old and new), Magazines, their school books, novels ETC. Reading gives you knowledge, opens the world to you and improves brain health.

Others are solving mathematical problems: Hmmmmmm I can hear some people squirming. Please do not worry, I am not grading the Maths. It is just for mental exercise. You do not have to be a Mathematician but you need basic Mathematics for everyday life. It is nice to have of it at your finger tips; It sure improves your brain health.

Other mental games include solving puzzles like Crossword puzzles, Sudoku and otherwise. Certain games like Chess, Draught, Scrabble, Monopoly, Ludo, Card games are all very good for the brain. All these activities help you to think, plan and execute your plan. These are all forms of brain exercise.

By the end of this COVID-19 lockdown you will find that your mental functions are sharpened.
In addition carrying these activities together ensure that you spend quality time with members of your family. It is a time and opportunity to relate, learn and grow together.

Thank you for Reading

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Medical Doctor/ Teacher/Author

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