COVID-19 Lockdown 3

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Still on getting Healthy within this period of COVID-19 Lockdown. There’s the danger of weight gain within the period. Having discussed Healthy Diet , we’ll discuss exercise today. You will recall that the British Prime minister on his broadcast allowed the British to go for exercise’ Once a day’. Many applauded him for that decision. This means walks, walking the dog, jogging , cycling. In the Nigerian situation and most other countries, there’s no allowance for exercises.

However, there is still a dire need for exercises. Some of us are opportune to have a gym, treadmill, stationery bikes etc. This is the opportunity to use those amenities to keep fit, avoid weight gain and get healthy. For the rest of us, we can still do a lot in our homes . We should not become’ Couch Potatoes’: just watching TV and eating.

Some of the exercises are as follows:

  1. Walking : You can still walk around your 🏠 especially if you live in your own compound.For those who live in a block of flats or public compound, this may not be wise. You will meet other non family members and that’s not ‘Social Distancing’. Hence you can walk in your house: moving from room to room. Persons who live in just one room can still’ March at a spot’. Whatsoever you do, ensure that you are STANDING. Do not sit down. Remember that’ Sitting is the New smoking’!!!
  2. Running: Running usually requires an open space like the road or an open field. This may not be easy but you can still use the little space that you have. In fact, within this lockdown, a French man ran a whole marathon on his balcony. Elisha Nochomovitz was scheduled to run the Barcelona marathon which had been cancelled. He continued his training by running on his balcony which was 23feet( 7 metres) in length. He ran a whopping 26.2mes( 42Km) on the balcony. It took him 6 hours and 48 minutes running to and fro about 5,000 times. His determination and achievement is impressive. You and I have no further excuses.
  3. Using the Staircase: Walking or running up and down the stairs is very effective. The alternative is to use a chair, low table or stack of blocks. In essence, you can repeatedly climb up and down.
  4. Work Out Videos: There are many work out videos out there. You can quickly download one on YouTube and use it for your daily workouts. The videos have an added advantage of working out with people for those who live alone.
  5. Dancing: Dancing remains a wonderful exercise. It keeps you on your feet and exercises many parts of your body. Therefore old age dancing while playing music or even singing. This type of exercise is also very enjoyable and refreshing.
  6. Skipping: Most of us loved to skip as children. Do you still have a skipping rope ( or any rope at that). This is the time to pick it up again. Skip, Skip and Skip.
  7. Weight lifting: Weight lifting is important in building muscles and strength. However, please note that weight lifting should not be the only exercise. The aerobic exercises described earlier are very important should be performed before the weight lifting.
  8. Abdominal Exercises: Squats , press-ups, and push ups are other alternatives for strength training and building of muscles. Let’s still note that these should be performed after the aerobic exercises. All these exercises should be performed for about one hour: we have some time now. The whole family should participate in these exercises.

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