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Last week we started the series on Violence. Today, we’ll be looking at the impact of Violence. You are Welcome.

The World Health Organisation considers the 20th Century as one of the most violent periods in history. It is estimated that as much as 191 people lost their lives from conflicts and more than half of these were civilians. In fact more than 1million people loose their lives every year. In all, violence is one of the leading causes of death amongst people aged 15-44 years worldwide. Regrettably, the WHO notes that the highest rates of these deaths is in Africa.

Collective violence as earlier defined is the instrumental use of violence by a group against another group. It involves ears, terrorism, ethnic and religious crises, gang warfare and cult hits.

The consequences of Collective violence can be divided into two major classes

Impact on Healt and Economic Impact

Impact on Health

The impact on Health can be

Physical and Psychological

The physical impacts can be far reaching which include mortality, morbidity and disability. Many lives have been lost. Some others suffered severe injuries and consequent disabilities.

The economic factors lead to malnutrition and communicable diseases. In addition there’s reduced access to health care services.


There are dire psychological effects due to collective violence. This includes anxiety, depression, suicidal behaviour, substance abuse and post traumatic stress disorder. Violence also exposes people to sex crimes.

Economic Impact

The World Economic Forum Report showed that the economic impact of Violence to the global economy was 14.76 trillion Dollars in 2017.

Most of this was spent by the military to either prevent or contain violence.

Collective violence leads to destruction of the farms and consequent reduced production of food. This was the case in Nigeria with the attack of the Fulani herdsmen in Benue state. Benue is the food basket of the nation. Destruction of farms and crops led to food shortage.

Shortage of food is also caused by poor access from blocked roads and transport difficulties.

Displacement of persons from their homes is one of the terrible consequences of Collective violence.

Conflicts also disrupt trade and businesses. This leads to increased social vices like prostitution, alcoholism and drug addiction.

Young children are the most affected in such times. The case of the severely malnourished Biafran children during Nigerian civil war is still very fresh.

The Consequences of Collective violence are far reaching.

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