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Trending on social media this week is the painful story of Nneoma Nnadi: a 10 year old girl who underwent terrible physical abuse in the hands of her Madam. The madam assaulted her in various ways including burning her with hot iron, hitting a nail into her head and also putting pepper in her vagina. In fact this case horrendous as it is, is actually the tip of the iceberg. In view of this, we will be discussing Domestic Violence this week.

It is my utmost goal to bring this horrific issue’ Out of the Shadows’. I covet your contributions in this discussion.

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Some weeks ago, we started this discussion on Violence and it’s consequences.

Violence was classified into three major classes as follows: Self-directed Violence, Collective and Interpersonal violence.

Interpersonal Violence is further divided into Domestic Violence and Community violence.

Domestic Violence refers to violence occuring in the family or home. The home is a place of succour, peace , comfort and joy. Therefore, violence in the home is probably the worst type: there is no place of succour and comfort for the victim. Some synonyms of Domestic Violence include Domestic abuse, Spousal abuse, intimate partner violence and family violence. Domestic violence occurs in marriages and relationships .

Broadly speaking, domestic violence includes violence against spouses, children, parents, the elderly and other members of the household.

Globally, most of the victims of domestic Violence are women and children. However, men are also abused. Last year, we saw the case of a Doctor whose wife hired bandits to butcher him. In essence, men are also abused: some have been killed.

Child Abuse is a painful aspect of violence. It may occur both in the family and also in the community. Regrettably as much as 10 million children witness some form of domestic violence annually with disastrous consequences. The issue of child abuse as seen in the case of Nneoma noted above is common especially in children in foster homes and those who are helps in other homes.

Effects of Domestic violence are horrific and may be classified as follows: 1.Effects the Victim

The effects include the whole range of injuries from abrasions, lacerations, fractures, loss of eye,….head injury down to death. Domestic Violence is a common cause of death and disability in women younger than 45 years.

It also causes emotional and psychological trauma as well as depression. It may lead to substance and alcohol abuse. Some victims never recover the losses.

2. Effects on the family

The effects noted above disrupt the family dynamics immensely. These include loss of lives, economic losses, fears, sorrows, depression and divorce. Children are more affected when the family is destroyed.

3. Effects on Children

Domestic violence leads to disastrous consequences on the children.

Dire health consequences like injuries, illnesses and disabilities and deaths are common in children. Other effects include emotional stress, anxiety and depression. Others are self harm, low self esteem, aggression, poor school performance, bullying. Social vices like prostitution, alcohol , substance abuse and in fact crimes are commoner in children with a history of child abuse. A good number of serial rapists and murderers were victims of child abuse.

The negative effects of domestic Violence are too many to mention.

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Tomorrow, we’ll look at the causes of Violence.

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