Lifestyle Modifications

Hi everybody

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We are discussing ‘ Taking Charge in Hypertension’
Believe me, controlling your blood pressure is within your power. I am a testimony of the fact.
What did I do?
Very very Simple
Salt is about the BIGGEST culprit in Hypertension
The reduction or total removal of salt causes a dramatic reduction in Blood Pressure

My blood pressure was 160/110 in June 2011. All I did was to reduce my salt intake remarkably.
I haven’t swallowed one tablet of Hypertension in 8 years. My blood pressure has remained normaL

My last record on Monday 26th August 2019 was 106/80

My brother finally decided to take salt off his diet two weeks ago after years of having Hypertension. His blood pressure reduced from 161/116 to 122/77 in one week.
Granted, the meal may not be very palatable initially, you gradually adjust to the taste.
Are you ready

Lets continue tomorrow
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What Next?

Hi everybody

Its still Bertha talking about Hypertension.

I suppose you have all checked your blood pressure by now.

What next?

The essence of this blog is to give you enough information to take charge of your own health. The operative phrase is TAKE CHARGE!!.

Is your Blood pressure normal? Wonderful!!

You will learn how to keep it Normal.

Is your Blood pressure elevated? Do not Panic!!

It is time to take charge!

The first step is to see a Doctor

The Doctor will ask questions, examine you and request some tests. The essence is to check affectation of your Heart, Kidneys, Eyes and Brain. Thereafter, he/she may prescribe some medications.

Please do not buy medications on your own.

In addition, the Doctor will ask you to make some adjustments to your lifestyle: LIFESTYLE MODIFICATIONS.

We will discuss these modifications starting from tomorrow.

Have a great day

Complications of Hypertension

Hi everyone

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Why am I still on Hypertension?

It is because Hypertension is a silent killer like I have written earlier. Markedly elevated Blood pressure is very dangerous. Some of the dire complications include Stroke, Kidney failure, Heart Failure, Heart attack and Blindness.

These complications all lead to death. In addition, most of the survivors have residual disabilities.

Another effect of hypertension is dementia which leads to loss of memory, difficulties in language, intellect and changes in personality.

It is pertinent to know your blood pressure. This enables you to take CHARGE and control.

PREVENTION is better than CURE!1

Please check your blood pressure today!

We will talk about taking charge tomorrow..

Have a great day

Dangers of Hypertension

Hi everyone


Why are we still talking about hypertension? It is because of the severity of the complications of hypertension. You recall that I said yesterday that markedly elevated blood pressure is SUICIDAL!!

Some of the complications are Stroke, Kidney failure, Heart failure and Loss of vision

These conditions are severe and lead to death in many cases. For the survivors, they may have to live with severe disabilities for the remaining parts of their lives.

Believe you me; It is not fun

Knowing your blood pressure therefore enables you to take CHARGE and take it early!!

Please ensure that you check your blood pressure today!

We will talk about taking charge tomorrow.

Have a great day

Still on Hypertension

Hi everybody

Did you check your Blood pressure today? I checked mine

Do you know that just checking your Blood pressure may save your life? Yes it can!

Hypertension gradually damages the blood vessels over time.

Common organs destroyed are the Brain, Kidney, Heart failure and Eyes.

Please note that there are so many people walking about with suicidal blood pressure levels; Yes SUICIDAL because, the damage to any of the aforementioned organs leads to disastrous consequences.

Please do not be one of such, ‘Check your blood pressure today!!1.

Well talk more tomorrow?


Happy Sunday all. I am so excited that you are reading this post. You have already made my day!!

Many Thanks.

I am very new at this: this is actually my first blog. Please bear with whatever mistakes I make, I intend to keep learning and improving. I want to start from hypertension because of how common it is. Hypertension is actually referred to as the ‘Silent Killer’. This name stems from the fact that it does not warn the sufferer. All other diseases warn; recognized as symptoms. Some common symptoms include fever, pains, cough, swellings, weight loss and others. Hypertension on the other hand never warns but gradually damages the blood vessels and organs. The blood pressure is recorded as two numbers e.g. 120/80. A numerator of 140 or more and or a denominator of 90 or more is regarded as hypertension. Blood pressure check can be carried out in any health centre, clinic or hospital. It is as easy as ABC

Please check your Blood pressure!!

Thank you once again

Have a great week

My First Blog Post


Happy Sunday to you all

I already feel great that you are reading my blog. Thank you. You have made my day!!

This is my first blog

Hypertension is referred to as the ‘Silent Killer’

This stems from the fact that it dose not WARN the sufferer!!

All other diseases give a warning recognized as symptoms of the disease. Common symptoms of diseases include pains, fever, cough, vomiting, difficulty in breathing , jaundice, weight loss ETC. Hypertension on the other hand does not give any symptoms. it gradually damages the blood vessels and some organs in the body.

The blood pressure is recorded as two numbers eg 120/80. An elevation of more than 140 for the numerator or 90 for the denominator is regarded as Hypertension. Many persons are not aware that they have hypertension because they may never have checked.

You can check you blood pressure in any nearby clinic, health centre of hospital. it is as easy as ABC

The point for today is ‘ CHECK YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE’

Please ensure that you check your blood pressure.

Have a great week

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

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